He Who Laughs First Laughs Last


In the 23 games played so far, the team that has scored first has won 20/23.

The only teams that have lost after scoring first are Phoenix (game 1), New York (game 1), and Chicago (game 3). Put another way, the only teams to win after allowing the first goal are Detroit, Washington, and Vancouver.

All three of the teams that have come back to win have a potent, quick-strike offence. Meanwhile, two of the three losers (Phoenix and New York) are talent-poor, and struggle to score more than 2 or 3 goals. And though Chicago still has a few elite forwards, they’ve lost all of their depth scoring, and don’t have the same ability to run away with a game as they did last year. 

All things equal (i.e you don’t have a horrid goaltender or a porous defence), it seems like offence rules the day.

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