2012 Playoff Picks: The Method Behind the Madness

WARNING: The following hockey preview contains levels of detail that may offend casual hockey fans. Viewer discretion is advised.

I posted my picks yesterday, along with brief notes about what to expect in each series, but I didn’t go into much detail on why I was picking a certain team. The reality is that there are a million reasons why you could pick any given team at any particular time – you think a goalie will steal the series; a star player will exert his will upon the series; an inexperienced team will collapse, etc. Well this is my blueprint for how I decided on my picks. Continue reading

2012 Stanley Cup Playoff Preview

It’s been a long time. I know why I haven’t written in so long, and it’s because when I do, it takes, FOREVER. but I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labour with the following two-part series. Today, I break down the series’ in brief, along with my picks for the entire playoff season. Tomorrow, I go into further detail and tell you the rationale behind my thinking. Without further ado, here is my 2012 playoff preview. Continue reading

2012 NHL Season Preview: Eastern Conference


Washington's FA steal: Tomas Vokoun

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There are a number of good teams in the NHL today; in fact, there are so many that you’ll often hear analysts say that you can’t rule anyone out. Once the playoffs begin, anything can happen. They point to Philadelphia’s 2010 run to the finals and Edmonton’s in 2006 (both from 8th place), as evidence that the road to NHL glory is sudden and unpredictable.

But with the exception of 2006 (unpredictable after a year’s layoff), that’s not true. Each year, there are a handful of teams – perhaps as few as 4 – with true cup potential. I can’t tell you with any certainty which of them will win the Stanley Cup, but I’m confident that I can narrow it down to a handful of eligible candidates. They are The Contenders. Continue reading