Ending the Crosby-Toews Debate

crosby+toewsI’ve heard many people suggest that that Jonathan Toews is a better hockey player than Sidney Crosby. Not more talented, perhaps, but they usually start with the premise of “if you could pick one player to build a team around”, “yatta-yatta-yatta…”, it has to be Toews. Continue reading

2012 Fantasy Hockey Preview (Forwards)

Best Fantasy Defencemen

Best Fantasy Goalies

Projected League-Wide Forward Lines

Fantasy sports are a wonderful thing. Not only do they create an electronic world which affords us a small sense of control over our favourite athletes, but they also allow us to mock, harass, and ridicule our friends and colleagues when our fantasy roster overwhelms the competition. Fantasy hockey is the main reason I’m a big hockey fan now. I got into it 8 years ago knowing little-to-nothing, but gradually began researching players and teams more and more extensively. I’ve noticed a few things over that time, and I’m going to share those observations here. I hope they are of use to you. If anything needs clarification, or if you simply disagree with a particular statement, please leave a comment. Chances are we’ll all come to a greater understanding through constructive disagreement, though senseless name calling may ultimately prevail. Continue reading